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Persona Can Work With You In A Variety Of Ways


The Ways We Can Support You

Whether you are a PE, VC or HR Executive, Persona can offer you reports directly, consulting services, or a deeper, onboarding driven integration with your business.



Persona offers a variety of reports tailored to different needs. Reports have different frameworks based on what information is useful to the reader. Persona has instant reports and more in-depth longer form reports as well. Persona helps firms understand these reports and takes you through how best to interpret them.


Reporting options are usually most suited to PE and VC firms, but can apply to HR projects as well.

To learn more about specific reports, navigate to your business area:

Private Equity

Venture Capital




Persona offers more in depth services that take a more traditional management consultancy approach but is underpinned by utilising our personality reports and their data.

This means our consultancy viewpoint is people centric and ensures that any recommendation is built around practical outcomes for how people will navigate change based on their traits.

Consultancy is usually suited to HR executives but can also apply to PE and VC firms.

To learn more, please read out HR page or contact us.



Persona also works with firms in a more integrated fashion. 

By onboarding your firm, Persona can builds personality data on people already in your ecosystem. Persona then creates internal benchmarks that future reporting and consulting projects can utilise. 

This gives firms and companies of all types the ability to more deeply learn about their people, test hypotheses and generate impactful change where necessary. 

Read more about onboarding below.

It All Starts With Just 5 Steps


Speak to Persona about your needs. Persona recommends the appropriate reporting output.


A person takes the assessment. In most cases, this is a short 25 minute creative writing exercise.


Persona's heavily cited language model interprets the writing sample in seconds. 


Near instant reports produced or for more detailed requests, comprehensive reports are generated in a few days.


Speak with Persona directly about the reports for additional support from our scientists, to help you understand the information. 


Unlock Your Data in Totally New Ways

Persona's onboarding function allows firms to fully integrate their business into personality understanding. 

Persona assesses relevant people in your ecosystem and then builds a comprehensive benchmarking system that shows you where the personality trends are in your business. 

Map Performance To Personality

Persona also works with firms to map performance against personality, giving firms a unique insight into what works well for their institution specifically.

Future reports and consulting projects consequently have more contextually relevant benchmarks that are unique to your firm.

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