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Innovation in Personality Science

Persona offers something different from other personality insights providers. By using novel applications of decades of research into Psychology, Neuroscience and AI, we provides the highest quality personality information available.


Using Persona for investment and management decisions can greatly help improve confidence in your direction.


Persona asks a person to take short, self assessed, story writing exercises. 

That's it. No debatable questions, or strange competency challenges. Just stories. From that we can work out personality, characteristics and much more.



From a person's story, our AI helps us determine their personality traits as organised by the Big 5 personality trait model. The gold standard in psychology and neuroscience research. 

Our AI also helps us work out other traits and characteristics including trustworthiness and leadership style. 


Our scientists review the output from our AI and produce insightful reports. These reports offer explanations of how a person you are assessing fits in with your investment or management goals.


Persona explains what your firm can do to support this person and the wider management team that is assessed. By benchmarking against relevant internal or external datasets, report readers are supported with rich, predictive information about how a person fits with what you are trying to achieve.


Our assessments support investors and HR executives in understanding how best to work with their key staff and leadership. This can greatly help improve the likelihood of investment and management success. 



Persona's assessments also help investors and HR executives understand if a person is trustworthy or not.


Understanding metrics like trustworthiness can significantly de-risk decisions by ensuring that safeguards are utilised in day to day management for example.


Our assessments are very difficult to cheat because of how they are designed. This means assessment takers can't easily give answers they think a report reader wants to see. This means we see a persons' true self.

Persona's reports are also fast to do and avoid the need for scheduling interviews with busy people.

Persona Is Tailored To Different Businesses

Click the relevant section below to see how Persona can help your organisation specifically.

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Looking for something different? Or being acquired?

Our personality assessments can still be utilised across a wide range of requirements.


There are many scenarios we can help with including organisational optimisation, recruitment and healthcare.


Please reach out to us to see how we can support your specific needs. 

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