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Persona's Innovation In Psychometrics Is Ideal For HR Leaders

Persona's unique method for understanding personality ensures that our assessments see the real person, not the version they want you to see. Getting around this 'social desirability bias' is crucial for understanding how best to engage with the people in you organisation.


Persona typically engages with HR leaders on a tailored consultancy basis. 

We get to understand your requirements, have your required people take our assessments and then build a recommendation based on your needs. 



Persona can support your organisation on a range of consulting projects that involve the day to day working of the people in your organisation. We underpin all our recommendations with the data procured from our assessments.


Our team has experience working with major organisations including HSBC, FarFetch and Sony on a variety of projects that have included: team restructures, leadership training and engagement, cross team and inter-team work improvement and how to best implement technology and process. 


Persona also supports HR leaders with both hiring and developing their leaders. 

By producing detailed reports and benchmarks on your current and prospective leaders, HR leaders are much better armed to work with, and get the most out of, their leaders.

Persona's reports are designed to highlight how a person's personality works withing a variety of work functions and then Persona works with HR teams to develop contextually relevant recommendations.


Current psychometrics are, in many ways, terminally flawed in a corporate environment. The various biases introduced during traditional testing make the output very unreliable. 

Persona's assessment system ensures as little bias as possible is introduced into the data, meaning Persona's recommendations are actually useful.



Persona's assessments measure over 120 different variables pertaining to personality and other behavioural characteristics. 

This means, beyond simple notes about how a person might behave, Persona can give detailed insight into how a person really operates in a variety of different contexts.


Persona doesn't just leave you with reams of assessment data to work out on your own. 

Our scientists sit with you and collectively work out the best approach to take based on what your goals are. Persona does high quality assessments combined with high quality consulting.

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Onboard With Persona

Onboarding your firm with Persona allows all reports and consulting insight to be benchmarked against your internal people. This gives much more relevant and predictive insight about what personalities work for your firm and your corporate goals.

Learn more about onboarding.

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